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Rules for SWAS Competitions

Entry forms for the Annual Exhibition are available here

Rules for SWAS Competitions:

1.     All entry forms (if required) must be completed and received by the organising Committee before the         date specified on the entry form. Late entries will not be accepted for any reason. Entry fees are to        be paid when handing in the art works. (NB- Entry forms are generally not required for the Derrick         Turner competition).

2.    All entrants must be fully paid-up members of South Wales Art Society. Entries will not be accepted         from non-members or from members who have not paid their subscription in full for the current year.

3.    i) All entries must be the sole artwork of the member specified on the entry form, and must be          original works of art.

        ii) At this point, computer generated works are not permissible in this exhibition. However, there is          ongoing discussion about their inclusion in the exhibition following a discussion at the AGM.

         iii) Printed reproductions of original artworks are not acceptable.

4.     Paintings must not be copies of the work of another artist or photographer, nor infringe the copyright        of another artist or photographer, and must not be works produced at workshops or courses held by         another artist.

5.     (i) The number of entries from each individual member shall be limited to such number as previously         specified by the organising Committee;

     (ii) For the Annual Competition, this  may additionally include a miniature painting or sculpture as         defined at (a) or (b) below:

        (a) A miniature painting - the size of the outside of the frame shall not be greater than:-

                  Rectangles - 6 x 4.5 inches

                  Ovals - 6 x 4.5 inches

                  Squares - 4.5 x 4.5 inches

                  Circles - 4.5 inches in diameter

      In addition, mounts must not be wider than 0.75 inches all round, or 0.75 inch across the top and          sides, and 1 inch at bottom. The frame must not be wider than 1 inch, nor deeper than 0.75 inch.

       (b) A miniature sculpture - the longest dimension of the sculpture (including diagonals) shall not exceed         8 inches.

6.   Paintings must have been completed in the last twelve months prior to the opening date of the        exhibition, must not have been previously publicly exhibited at any SWAS exhibition, and shall relate         to such a theme or subject as may be specified by the organising Committee.

7.    All paintings must be substantially two-dimensional, except for entries in the sculpture class of the          Annual Competition.

8.     With regards to framing:-

   i. The organising committee may, for a particular exhibition or competition, specify the                 maximum outside dimensions for the height / width of the frame.

    ii. All paintings must be framed to an acceptable standard, although box canvasses will be                  accepted. No paintings with metal frames or clip-frames will be accepted.

9.     All entries shall be labelled with the artist’s name and contact details, title, medium, and price (if for         sale).

10.    If the competition or exhibition is to be judged -

      i. For the judging day, all fixings (including mirror plates, hooks, eye rings etc.) must be       removed from the back of the painting. Paintings with any fixings attached will not be       accepted, and the Committee cannot undertake to remove any fixings or provide facilities for       members to do so;

      ii. Selection will be made by the appointed judges so as to reduce the entries to a number                  previously determined by the organising committee;

      iii. The judges’ selections will be final and no correspondence can be entered into by the judges                or organising committee;

      iv. All paintings entered for the judging must be available for hanging in any corresponding                exhibition.

11.    The artists whose works are accepted for exhibition agree that all works in the exhibition may be          photographed and / or reproduced for any catalogue, press, publicity, promotion and advertising of          the exhibition, including the SWAS website, and Twitter and Facebook pages.

12    If the exhibition is to be manned, then every entrant must be willing to man the exhibition as many         times as required by the organising committee.

13.   The organising Committee shall have sole discretion to refuse acceptance of any entry without reason.  

14.    Entry of a painting by any member into any SWAS exhibition or competition is considered acceptance          of these rules.

Additional rules for the Derrick Turner Competition:

Works for the relevant category are to be handed in by 6.30 PM.

The entry fee will be £2.50 per piece.

Members are permitted to enter works into both categories if they wish.