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The Derrick Turner Trophy

The Derrick Turner Trophy competition usually takes place in the early part of the year and is judged by a single invited judge. It usually takes the form of two subjects, the judge giving a critique on one subject in each of two meetings. Nowadays, selected paintings from the first week are brought back for the second meeting, and the judge will then select winners and runners-up for both subject s - and then the overall winner!.

The judge will also provide the subjects for the following year.

Recent Overall Winners:

2006    Tony Douglas-Jones

2007    Keith Harvey

2008    Pat Quarrington

2009    Keith Harvey

2010    Sheila Beames

2011    Sheila Beames

2012    Pat Webb

2013    Tony Batey

2014    Eli Absi

2015    Ian Philpot

2016    Arnold Lowrey

2017    Joe Rhodes

Category Winners:

2010    subject: Sunday                           winner          Sheila Beames

           subject: Old Stones                     winner          Sue Wood

2011    subject: Flowers                          winner          Sheila Beames

           subject: Cardiff Then & Now        winner          Ray Dibble


2013    subject: Sunshine & Shadows        winner          Tony Batey

          subject: The Open Road                winner          Jan Llewellyn

2014    subject: Rural & Urban                  winner          June Reed

          subject: A Tale Never Told            winner          Eli Absi

2015    subject: Lights Of The City           winner          Ian Philpot

          subject: Still Life In Odd Colours    winner          Keith Harvey

2016    subject: ‘The Welsh Landscape’ by RS Thomas             winner              Arnold Lowrey

          subject: Paraphernalia                  winner           Joe Rhodes

2017    subject: City Garden                    winner           Claire Sadlier

          subject: Contrasts                         winner          Joe Rhodes

Images of the 2016 winners and runners-up may be found in our gallery here.    A gallery of the 2017 competition will be posted shortly.

The categories for 2018 are: “Over & Under” and “Change”

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