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Trevor Waugh critique

26 April 2022

The members were delighted to welcome Trevor as their guest, and to look, learn and benefit from the in-depth critiques he gave to each painting.  It was an exciting departure for us, as usually Trevor demonstrates for us, and his amazing knowledge of art, art history and anecdotes kept us captivated to the end.  He encouraged us, as artists, to push ourselves, step outside our 'comfort zones. and take our art forward.  "Try colour", "paint bigger", "use a bigger brush more loosely and faster", "try this in oils"....and much more. So many of the members commented on the quality of Trevor's critique - one saying it was the best they had attended in 20 years!  So much clear. constructive and generous information.  Trevor's heart and soul is passionate about painting and it showed!  As usual he was asked to choose his number 1 and 2 .. true to form he chose 3.... and had to be checked on the way out for a few he wanted to take home!!

So... David Kirkham was no 1, Pam Gilbert no 2 and Joe Rhodes no 3.

Many congratulations to you guys - amazing art, and well deserved!

It was great to see Arnold there... cheeky as ever and thanks to Paul for the camera work!

Words and photos by Jude Harrington

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