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Agenda for AGM, 13 March 2018:

             1  Apologies for absence

             2  Minutes of last AGM, 14 March 2017

             3  Matters arising

             4  Chairman’s Report

             5  Treasurer’s Report

             6  SWAS Constitution amendment

             7  Election of Officers and committee

             8  Appointment of Auditors

             9  Any other business

Amendment of Constitution:

The  last sentence of paragraph 8b of the constitution deals with the disposal of assets in the event of winding up of the Society. From talking to other members, it appears that this does not meet with members’ wishes. It is proposed therefore to amend the last sentence to read as follows:

In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be divided equally between all current members who can demonstrate a continuous period of membership going back at least five years.

You may also be aware that the majority of committee members must, according to paragraph 3g of the constitution, retire from the committee this year, having already served four or five years in post. This includes the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary (The Treasurer is also not standing for re-election). It is therefore imperative that members come forward to fill these vacancies if the Society is to continue. Please talk to the retiring member(s) if you are interested and would like to know more about what is involved. Paragraph 3g currently reads as follows:

Committee members shall retire from office after serving a maximum continuous term of four years, but may, in exceptional circumstances, be re-elected for a fifth year to take the office of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

It is also pointed out that retiring members are ineligible for re-election to the Committee for one year (paragraph 3h).

Any new proposals to be brought forward at the AGM must be in writing, seconded, and sent to the Secretary at least seven days before the meeting (paragraph 4i).