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Annual Exhibition 2022

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(Left) ‘Rocky Pebbles, Rest Bay’, by Joe Rhodes, winner of the Marine category;

(Above) ‘Amroth, Pembrokeshire’, by Brian Kemp, runner-up in the Line & Wash category;

(Below Left) ‘2 of 2’, by David Kirkham, runner-up in the Abstract category;

(Below Right) ‘Tenby Dry Dock’, by Brian Kemp, winner of the Line & Wash category.

(Above Left) ‘Down To Drink, Michaelston’, acrylic, by Jayne Isaac;

(Above) ‘Anyone For Tennis’, watercolour, by Sylvia Middleton;

(Below Left) ‘Autumn Leaves’, watercolour by Jane Patten;

(Below) ‘Bald Eagle - After The Dive’, acrylic by Geri Blundell

(Right) ‘Deep Waters and Gold’, acrylic by Madeleine Fox

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